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Youth Hockey

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.

Skating, passing, shooting, scoring -- we know what it takes to be a great hockey player.  That's why we offer year-round private and semi-private lessons in addition to our youth clinics, programs, and mental performance training.


Positivity and Confidence - While we focus on improving player performance, we provide a positive environment to encourage long-term success and enjoyment. It's simple - if players are enjoying themselves during skill development and at practice, they are going to improve, and have more fun on the ice. By encouraging growth from failure, our players are able to skate with more intensity and stay focused longer. Our mental performance program helps athletes set goals, overcome adversity, and motivate them to achieve their excellence.


Skating - By working on skating and their edges, players are able to feel more stable on the ice. When players feel secure with this stability, skating becomes second nature. If players are able to skate in games and in practice without thinking about it, they are able to focus their attention on game play, puck management, and making those quick decisions to complete a play. We also look at the player's skating style and help them improve to make their strides more efficient and powerful. We highly recommend visiting SkateWorks before your first ice session with us to make sure your blades are perfectly balanced so ensure the efficiency of your skating. Many poor skating habits are developed from improper skate sharpening. 


Puck Management - Teaching players how to get the puck, handle it, protect it, and keep it is essential to game play. We use a progression of drills players need to improve their puck skills. The ability to make a pass is a great skill to have, but what if your athlete could make hard, crisp passes every time, efficiently catch passes, collect bad passes, and be capable of maneuvering with the puck in a small space? Those skills paired with powerful skating strides is the core of a skilled and agile player that every coach will want on their team.


Shooting and Scoring - Scoring goals and having that perfect bar down is always great. But what about those gritty goals that are scored off the second or third rebound? Our coaches help players create scoring opportunities, shoot to score, and fire the puck while skating at game speed. We'll analyze your shot technique to pinpoint the slightest modification so you have a consistent release every time.


Whole Player Development - We see the whole athlete and are trained to recognize the smallest detail that makes a huge difference in a skill. When players are taught the correct way to perform a skill in practice and can master that skill at game speed, they'll improve their performance during games. By utilizing drills that reflect game situations, our athletes' parents see a superior improvement as early as the game after one on-ice or mental performance session.


Good habits, tenacity, and focus are key.


We can set any player up for success away from the game -- our coaches can provide exercises and drills to complete at home. By preparing your skills away from the ice, you'll be more prepared and efficient in practices and more productive in games. Complete your game and gain the extra edge over the competition with our mental performance program. 

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