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Mental Performance Training

"I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot." - Kobe Bryant

Just like skating, just like scoring goals, building up confidence is an important asset that needs to be trained regularly. 

Elite athletes seek perfection and are willing to what it takes to outwork their competition. But what happens when they're faced with failure, a negative atmosphere, or some sort of set back? They know how to control their thoughts and emotions to refocus their energy back on their performance.

No matter what level you're playing at having a positive self-perception is vital. Hockey is an incredibly mental game and the most successful players are able to step on the ice with confidence every, single, time. Having a focused mind can be the difference from players being 'good' and players being 'great.' We can teach you to take back control of your own head space, show up confident, focused, and ready to play - consistently. Learn to push yourself in practice and stand out in the game. Perform under pressure and when you need to the most.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our certified Mental Performance Mastery coach who will offer guidance and encouragement through mental training techniques and imagery to achieve your full potential.

Team and organization presentations are also available either in person or online - please contact us for more info.

Hear from our athletes:

"Thank you again for everything! I really did enjoy your program and was interested how things were going to work over Zoom but the format ended up being a lot better than expected. I also really liked your presentations, super engaging and how you add levels of respect between you as an instructor and us as participants." - NCAA DIII Forward and NCAA DIII Field Hockey Player

"You knew exactly how to help -- My game was made so much better with your help. Being nervous was an understatement, I used to physically shake. But you helped me to trust me abilities and just do my thing. I know my character is going to take me places and you, Coach Kim, are a perfect example of this." - Gilmour Academy 19u Prep Captain

"Thank you for being a great coach and even better mentor. I'm forever grateful for the way you showed your love for us players. I learned so much about hockey and myself through you. I hope one day you get the chance to see the impact you have on us."- 16u AAA Belle Tire player

"Thank you for literally the best week of my life. You taught me so many new things that I will be using at home, especially the leadership aspect of things. I'm going to miss you during my regular season!" - USA Hockey Girls Player Development Camp Invitee

"I started the season as a fourth line winger and ended it being on first line and special teams. Being the youngest player on the team, I worked really hard to earn a spot on the power play. DPH made the smallest adjustments that made the biggest difference in my game and we're just getting started." - 19u AAA Little Caesars player

"You've taught us that there is so much more to the game. You made me fall in love with the game again." - NCAA DIII goaltender

"I feel really good heading into my first year of college hockey. This is the goal, this is my dream. DPH has helped my game and my confidence to make it to this level." - NCAA DI player, Hockey East

"No one's ever worked with me before on anything like this...this is amazing!" - 12u AA player

"Thank you for being a great coach and caring so much about your players." - NCAA DI Player, Western Collegiate Hockey Association

"Your kindness is contagious and you pushed me to be better on and off the ice. You are such an amazing human and I'm so glad I got to know you. Thank you for all the support and for always being there for us." 
- 19u AAA Honeybaked player and USA Hockey Girls Player Development Camp Invitee
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