Why Detroit Performance Hockey?

I believe true greatness is coming in the next generation of girls’ hockey. The growth of the game is just getting started and it’s a great time to be a part of it. The determination, the grit - I see myself in a lot of these kids and understand the goals they’re working to achieve. My goal is for each of my athletes to be a great teammate, develop a love for the sport, and a strong mind for the game.

- Kim Gallagher, MPM

When developing an athlete at any age, we look at more than just their on-ice achievements. We focus on improving player performance while providing a positive environment to encourage long-term success and enjoyment.  

We work to understand the goals of each athlete and help achieve them by creating an individualized training curriculum. Whether you need off-ice ideas, mental toughness training, skill development, or a combination of a few, we are here to help.​ Our coaches have created training programs for playing at the youth, AAA, NCAA, and the international IIHF levels.  

As the game becomes more skillful and faster, coaches must adapt as well. Long should be the days of full ice flow drills and practices where players rarely touch the puck. Players need small area games, skill development, and multiple puck touches each practice to enhance their hockey sense.

That's why our coaches put a heavy emphasis on their own development by attending the NHL Coaches Association coaching seminars, high performance coaching clinics, USA Hockey Girls Player Development Camp, collaborating with NCAA coaches, and constantly studying and learning from the best in their fields.

We look forward to sharing this information with our athletes and watching you flourish.