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Driving Home Success: Navigating Meaningful Sports Conversations with Your Kids in the Car

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Engaging in positive and supportive conversations with your kids in the car can be a wonderful way to bond and show your interest in their sports journey. Instead of coaching them to and from their event, consider these conversation starters that focus on encouragement, reflection, and building a healthy mindset:

  1. "I'm proud of your effort." Show appreciation and interest for their dedication and hard work, emphasizing that their effort is what truly matters.

  2. "What was the highlight of today's practice/game?" Encourage them to reflect on their experiences and share moments that brought them joy, teamwork, or learning.

  3. "How did you feel about your performance today?" Encourage self-assessment and reflection, allowing them to identify areas of improvement without pressure.

  4. "What did you learn today?" Highlight the importance of learning and growing, both in sports and in life.

  5. "Tell me about your favorite play/move/moment." Let them share their proudest moments without feeling judged.

  6. "What challenges did you face today, and how did you handle them?" Foster resilience by discussing how they dealt with difficulties and how they can learn from these experiences.

  7. "Remember, mistakes are part of the game." Reiterate that mistakes are opportunities for growth and improvement, not failures.

  8. "How can I support you better?" Open a dialogue about their needs, allowing them to voice what kind of support they'd like from you.

  9. "What's your favorite thing about your team?" Emphasize the importance of camaraderie, friendships, respect, and teamwork.

  10. "What's your sports goal for the upcoming week?" Encourage goal-setting and self-motivation by discussing their aspirations.

  11. "I love watching you play." Reassure them that your presence at their games is a source of joy, no matter the outcome.

  12. "What do you enjoy most about your sport?" Focus on their passion, long-term development, and enjoyment rather than on results. Enjoy watching a professional/semi-professional game together without coaching a player. They'll learn on their own by watching.

  13. "Do you have any questions or concerns about your sport?" Create a space for them to ask for guidance or share their thoughts. Help them find resources if necessary.

  14. "Let's talk about anything you want, not just sports." Show that you value their well-rounded development and are interested in their broader interests.

  15. "You're growing as an athlete and a person." Remind them that their journey is about more than just sports; it's about personal growth and development.

By fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere in the car, you create an environment where your kids feel comfortable sharing their experiences and thoughts, and where the focus is on their enjoyment, growth, and well-being.

Your role as a sports parent is incredibly important to provide support, encouragement, and guidance, especially during challenging moments. Your words and actions can help your child develop resilience, a positive mindset, and a healthy relationship with both success and failure.

Read more here over at The Reformed Sports Project.



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