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Announced: Partnership with the City of Detroit

We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with the Detroit Parks & Recreation Department at the Adams-Butzel Center/Jack Adams Memorial Arena!

At Detroit Performance Hockey, our goal is to continue offering low-cost hockey training and equipment to Detroit's youth. Through this partnership, we’re able to operate our youth program out of the Jack Adams Memorial Arena. The arena is connected to a recreation center to create the Adams-Butzel Complex.

We work closely with DPRD to give each child a safe and fun learning environment. One of our greatest objectives is to ensure our young athletes develop a life-long relationship with hockey, so they experience years of enjoyment. The arena connected to the complex is something special. The complex is home to many city-run programs that utilize the gymnasium, basketball courts, game room, softball/baseball diamonds, tennis courts, weight room, dance rooms, swimming pool, football field, boxing gym, kitchen, locker rooms, a running track, horseshoe pits, and playscapes. Many multipurpose rooms can be used for an after-school athlete study area, as well as the large computer lab. It is our hope, that in the near future, we’re able to establish an after-school tutoring program.

A special "Thank You" to the Jack Adams Memorial Arena manager, David, for your ongoing support.


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