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Off Ice Training
4D Hockey Training Center

30475 Stephenson Hwy.  Madison Heights, MI 48071

(248) 346-4506

The 4D Hockey Training Center is a state-of-the-art hockey training facility in Madison Heights, MI. We're proud to parter with the facility and coaches at 4D Hockey who will take your training to the highest levels with measurable results.

Strength and Conditioning

4D's Off Ice Strength and Conditioning offers hockey-specific guided instruction, functional movement, and programs led with NHL experience. Director of Strength and Conditioning, David Boyer, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge through his academic and professional history being the Head Athletic Trainer of the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) for 4 years and in the same role for the Florida Panthers (NHL) for 4 years.

4D's off ice strength and conditioning training sessions are centered around functional movement that directly translates to today’s game of speed, agility and explosiveness.
Coupled with the off ice and on ice testing, this will provide us data driven guidance into areas of weakness and also strengths, ultimately gaining the most productive outcome in the critical off ice strength and conditioning component of development.

4D's off ice training will be offered in individual, small group and team settings and run by professionals with years of experience and education behind their valuable coaching. Click here to visit 4D Hockey's website.

Off Ice Testing

4D's Off Ice Testing measures instabilities, explosiveness, agility and more, which they will then be able to put together personalized reports describing the results and better preparing for the strength and conditioning program ahead.

Each player will be able to track their progress through periodic testing sessions and also get to see comparisons with players from around the world in similar age categories stemming from a large database.

The off ice measurements that are taken are directly related to on ice ability and include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Foot speed/agility
- Generalized lower body explosiveness
- Single leg balance/stability
- Reaction time
- Upper body static strength
- Core strength and endurance
- Upper body explosiveness


4D will provide individual training on the state of the art skatemill giving players an in depth analysis of your stride, upper body positioning, and overall movements through the sensory cameras surrounding the skatemill.

Players will be able to review immediately with the live-delay feedback they will be able to view on their monitors. Data driven tests are incorporated into the skatemill to guide 4D's training which includes:
- Stride Power
- Wingate
- Power Gate
- VO2 Max

More than just a skatemill, players will be able to work their peripheral vision and shooting vision/reaction time while in stride, making 4D trained players more efficient in their sensory processing.

Synthetic Ice Skills Training

Similar to their on ice private lessons, 4D will provide individual and small group training on our synthetic ice that is centered around the player's needs. Typically on their synthetic ice, 4D will focus on the key fundamentals of puck handling, passing, shooting and working in tight areas.
Ice can be hard to come by at times during the year, having 4D's synthetic ice in the training center ensures that they can provide consistent availability to continue the development of their skills.

Cognitive Player Training

4D is taking Sense Arena and cognitive training a step further, by accompanying training plans with in-depth video review, so that 4D Skills coaches can diagnose in game habits.

View their most popular package is the 4D Cognitive Player Training Package here.

Coaches can take the concepts from a video review session, with the aid of Sense Arena, and put players in situations designed to cognitively teach the on-ice skills needed to elevate their game.

Visit 4D's website for more info:
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