Jack Adams

Those who will not start, will never finish.

At Detroit Performance Hockey, we pride ourselves on being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the work we've done in our community. Having worked the City of Detroit and Detroit Parks and Recreation Department, we were able to ensure Detroit’s youth has access to free/low-cost hockey equipment and programs.

Our programs promote a healthy lifestyle through athletics where coaches emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and staying hydrated, especially as an athlete. To help promote this, our friends at Howies Hockey Tape donated water bottles that our coaches fill and bring to every practice. 


In December 2015, our partnered hockey camps started with four kids and two ice sessions a week. As the camps continued to gain momentum, we had a minimum of 20 kids on the ice at each session in May. Since the Jack Adams Memorial Arena melts the ice in the summer, we were able to help out with a floor hockey program with over 100 kids, ages 4-14.

We've also have a great time volunteering with the Clark Park Coalition in Southwest Detroit. Clark Park is the city's historic public outdoor ice arena and community center with year-round activities and programs.


After the success of our Jack Adams program, we have implemented a similar program called the Home Ice Advantage youth hockey program at the Mt. Clemens Ice Arena.


Through these programs, we are able to give back to our community and continuously grow the game we love. Having hockey or any sport in a community not only gives its children a healthy outlet, it gives them opportunities to dream big, meet new friends, and have fun.


We encourage you to volunteer in your community and for your local youth hockey organization.


Let's grow the game.