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DPH x 4D Hockey
A Wicked Combination in Girls Hockey Development

Girls Holiday Camp Dec. 27 & 28

Join DPH and 4D Hockey for our two-day Girls Hockey Holiday Camp scheduled for December 27 and 28. Our camp will have an on ice and off ice component each day. The off ice will be at the 4D Training Center and will include agility/speedwork, strength and conditioning, off ice puck skills, shooting techniques while skating on synthetic ice, and more. P.S. Dave, 4D's Director of Strength Training spent eight years working in the NHL with the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning. And he's really good at what he does - as are all the guys at 4D like Petr and Tyler.
Each holiday clinic participant will receive a voucher for a free skate mill analysis at the 4D Training Center where coaches will offer critical skating stride feedback and break down a player's stride to the smallest degree. 

Registration for the camp is limited -- If you'd like to secure a spot for our Holiday Camp please visit this registration link or email us
11.16.2021 DPH x 4D Hockey Holiday Camp.jpg
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