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Sophie Compeau



Sophie is our first DPH Ambassador. She not only works hard, she has the qualities of a great teammate. Sophie goes against the grain, sticking up for kids on Instagram when others are putting them down for trying to develop their skills. This leadership wasn't unnoticed, which is why we invited her to be our first ambassador. Sophie is the true definition of a leader.


Sophia is 14-years-old and has been playing hockey for nine years. She currently plays for the Northern AA Northstorm.


"I'm very excited to work with this great company. They are very positive towards social media and the community. I look forward to contributing to my community, my Instagram account, and the DPH world. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!"


Issy Llewellyn-Jollie



Issy is our first international DPH Ambassador. When she’s not working on her game, Issy is passionate about promoting girls hockey in Chamonix, France. She always finds the time to volunteer with her local hockey club and helps the Chamonix u9 youth team.


“Being trainer/coach is a lot more stressful than I thought. You have to rethink everything you do to exaggerate it so the younger ones can notice what they have to do. But I enjoy every second of it!”


Issy is 12-years-old and works hard to continue to be a great role model. She hopes her hockey career will continue into college and even to represent her home countries of Great Britain or France at the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) level.


“I love promoting DPH in France so that girls from all over the globe can be interested in hockey.”


Annabella Gatto



Annabella has been one of our biggest supporters since day one. We're excited to have her as an ambassador. She has been playing for only a year and when she's not on the ice, Annabella can be found working on all aspects of her game. She also volunteers in her community and hopes to inspire a new generation of female athletes. Annabella also shares her experiences and contributes to the Women's Hockey Life website and community.


"I'm looking forward to helping little kids, especially girls who have doubts about playing hockey. I am excited to be an ambassador because it gives me a chance to inspire girls and show them that if you want something and you enjoy it, you need to work for it and not give up."


Annabella plays on an all-boys team and looks forward to playing on a girls team someday. She has a tenacity that drives her to never give up and draws inspiration from DPH coaches.

"My favorite thing about DPH has to be the coaches. They are the nicest people on Instagram and they are always there for you. My other favorite thing about DPH is they are getting girls to play hockey and it’s helping the girl hockey community grow."


Zuzu Zimmer



Zuzu is our youngest DPH Ambassador. We were impressed by her fierceness both on and off the ice. Despite being the smallest player on her team, she is always the first to stick up for her teammates. Off ice she tries to be a friend to those who need one most and is always ready to shutdown bullying.

Zuzu is 10-years-old and keeps a very busy schedule, playing for the Washington Wild Female Hockey 10u travel team and the Tacoma Rockets 10u boys team. Her favorite part of hockey is the feeling of being out on the ice. She also really enjoys all of the individual battles that take place over the course of the game.

She volunteers as a junior coach for beginner hockey classes and try hockey for free sessions. “Coach usually puts me with younger kids that are just learning to skate," Zuzu said. "I love the feeling of helping kids find out what hockey is.”

Zuzu hopes her hockey career will take to a college program and eventually the NWHL. She is excited to work with DPH to promote hockey to more girls and help to continue to grow the game.

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