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Woven with Hockey, Unity, and Inspiration

Updated: Feb 14

Clark Park Coalition and Hockey in Harlem: A Dynamic Duo

The Clark Park Coalition, renowned for its commitment in Detroit to fostering community through hockey, joined forces with Hockey in Harlem, an organization dedicated to making hockey accessible to all in New York. Together, they created an environment where young athletes could not only thrive on the ice but also build connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

As we reflect on this memorable weekend, it's clear that hockey is more than a game; it's a vehicle for change, unity, and personal growth. The collaboration between Clark Park Coalition, Hockey in Harlem, and the Carnegie Institute exemplifies the potential of sports to create lasting impacts in the lives of young athletes.

It wasn't just about hockey; Martin Luther King weekend was a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and breaking down barriers. Players, coaches, and volunteers from different backgrounds and communities came together to share their love for the sport. The ice rink became a canvas where friendships were forged, and the universal language of hockey spoke louder than words.

Let's continue to champion the spirit of hockey, break barriers, foster inclusivity, and inspire the next generation of leaders both on and off the ice.




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